Jayden “SWAG” Bezzant

By DanielG 0


D.O.B: 9 January 1996

Likes: The beach, skating, basketball & chillaxing

Dislikes: Rude people, snatching & fish

Current Sporting Achievements

2014 –West wind prep academy in Phoenix Arizona

2013 –Waikato Secondary Schools, Sportsman of the year for Basketball

NZ 17’s, 18’s, BOP U13’s X2, BOP U15’s, Waikato U15’s X2, U17’s X2. U19 last year. National champs 4 times. Selected in pre selection group for Junior Tall Blacks. NZ U19

Your Ultimate Dream? To become a professional Basketballer

Why SPEE & When did you start? I Started with my parents 2years ago at the Gravel Pit, Rocky Cutting Road & then did one on one training with Reece 3months prior to going to Phoenix

What do you think about SPEE? Spee Training is the best training I’ve ever done, every training is tough & I was always pushed passed my limits which has helped me heaps with Basketball.