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Back In Action are proud to be the physiotherapists that help look after the staff and clients of SPEE. You may see us in your training sessions as 3 of us have joined up and regularly train at SPEE now!! If you have any injury related questions please feel free to grab us at the end of a session and we are more than happy to give you some advice. We like working with the SPEE staff as we feel we have the same passion for treating each person as an individual, trying to go the extra mile for you as we genuinely want to help get you better, faster.


We have a team of highly qualified, experienced staff who have excellent assessment skills, all having the same passion for getting to the bottom of the problem. We also aim to reduce your down time once you are injured and strive to return you to your previous level of activity, or better, as quickly as possible. This often means liaising with Reece to work out what you should and shouldn’t do in your sessions and letting him come up with some challenging alternatives so you don’t miss out!


We have all treated a wide range of patients and have seen a comprehensive assortment of injuries, so whatever your problem, we are well equipped to get you better, tailoring our treatments specific for your goals and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on considering the mechanics of the whole body to gain complete recovery from injuries and prevent recurrence. This also fits with the SPEE philosophy of training the body as a whole, rather than individual muscles.


We are a team of fit, healthy individuals who try to live life to its fullest. We hope some of our enthusiasm for life and energy helps motivate you to become more involved in your treatment and therefore promoting a faster recovery. Catch us to say hi and hopefully we can help you return to training quickly – or help you stay injury free!

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