Our Story

Once upon a time a boy meets a girl. Boy & girl fall in love, they are both very much into sports. Boy plays rugby and starts a degree in sports & recreation, girl plays netball, softball and travels. Boy gets contract to play rugby overseas, both boy and girl drop everything and go on an adventure of sport, travel and fun. 10 years later boy & girl have a baby boy and move home dropping Europe like its hot!.


After saying goodbye to friends they had made whilst traveling around, jump on a jet plane, strap their baby boy in and blast off NZ bound / Aotearoa bound. Boy & girl are very much excited to be back home. However quickly realized the days of training 3 days a week traveling and playing sport, going out for coffees and shooting the breeze are GOONE! For 2 years boy does various things; Owns an avocado orchard, works in the mines, commercial fisher man, all the while still playing and doing different sports and training people & groups.

Girl also does various things, works at the local sports arena, does the mum thing, falls pregnant and has another baby boy! All the while playing  and being involved in sport. Sometime during 2011 boy decides he is going to follow his passion and starts dreaming of a facility and workouts that people would love doing and get great gains mentally & physically. Boy tells girl of what he is fully passionate about, girl is very excited and jumps for joy.


Boy looks on Trade-Me and buys some gym equipment from Whakatane, drives out & collects them and puts in his garage (The Gravel Pit) takes a photo on his phone and says this is the beginning right here!.

Girl becomes his first client along with a small group of their friends all with goals of their own! Boy says “I can change your outlook on training mentally & physically in 4 weeks”.


Boy then goes inside pumped & full of excitement sits down turns to girl  & says “I want to call this something that represents my style of training and us as people who take part in the workouts.” Boy sits there & writes his name down Reece Spee, looks at Spee and then writes ‘Strength, Power, Endurance, Enhanced Training’, looks at girl, girl gives boy that smile that he loves.



Girl & friends quickly make gains and by the end of the 4 weeks, numbers had tripled more gains been made mentally & physically. By late 2011 summertime numbers were in the 30’s, boy was also starting to take groups & various sports clubs. Boy had another job, a commercial fisherman that he was grateful for his brother-in-law putting his name forward for. While boy was on boat he would wake before anybody else, go out on the deck and train before the day of fishing and at night would be study revision book, take notes & making up workouts.

To be Continued....