Personal Training Session with Reece

60 min

In one-on-one sessions, our we apply their knowledge of strength and conditioning to create progressive programs customized for your body. We inspire and empower you toward your goals—and beyond. Private Sessions are Innovative, Personalized, Consistent

Functional Fitness Session

60 min

These classes are great for all fitness levels. Whatever your fitness level is this class will suit your needs. Its always best to try the class out so give us a call and we can book you in for a FREE session.

Kids Term Sessions

45 min

Get your kids improving their functional strength & cardio fitness! Increase CONFIDENCE Improve POSTURE Increase STRENGTH & ENDURANCE Create MENTAL TOUGHNESS Learn about discipline & working together to tackle interesting & fun obstacles!

HIIT Session

60 min

If you want more focus on your cardio base, then this session is for you. Jamie will take you through a variety of workouts all to increase your cardio fitness. It will be exciting and challenging at the same time.


60 min

Saturday sessions are a must especially if you’ve missed out on our Friday session! These sessions can be a mixture of cardio, functional & strength. And depending on the weather we will definitely look to head outside to our beautiful Mauao, Mount Drury or Blake Park. Bookings are a must.

HIIT & Flex Sessions

60 min

This session starts with 25mins of Functional HIIT and then we finish the session off with movements that will help with your Flexibility and range. Functional HIIT is an easy to follow Functional body weight or light weighted movements. Ideal for those just wanting a quick heart rate ramp up, but s...